Network of automotive suppliers in Saxony (AMZ)

The AMZ network plays a key role in the fact that the predominantly medium-sized Saxon automotive suppliers master supplier management and have found and continue to expand their place in the global automotive value chains.

Services of the network AMZ

Since 1999, the Network of Automotive Suppliers Saxony (AMZ) has contributed to the development of Saxony as an automotive location. AMZ has developed new offers for today's challenges - innovation development, growth financing, globalization, shortage of skilled workers.

Energy-efficient drives, automated and networked driving, lightweight construction, generative parts production and Industry 4.0 are the main topics from which AMZ, together with Saxon suppliers, engineering service providers and research institutions, generates future-oriented projects. With increased market work in the BRIC and ASEAN countries, including a competence network in China, the network supports the activities of Saxon medium-sized companies to open up markets.


  • Innovation management through project development, funding advice and project management
  • Support for internationalization through delegation trips and B2B meetings
  • Political dialogue to actively shape the framework conditions for suppliers in Saxony
  • Competence building through automotive-specific seminars and consulting offers
  • Studies on industry-relevant trends and developments
  • Sales support through exhibition stands, media service and specialist magazine Autoland
  • Knowledge transfer and contact mediation through the organization of events


Andreas Wächtler
Network manager of the
Saxony automotive supplier network (AMZ)
Tel.: +49 172 8380067
Fax: +49 351 8322-433
E-mail: waechtler(at) 

Automobilzuliefererinitiative AMZ

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